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Our Company 


Our Employees 

Our Employees are the backbone of our company. We make every effort possible to select the right people, provide them the proper training, and give them a good working environment. Every technician goes through two weeks of training Repairing Scratches in Glasswhen they start working. The first week they learn how to handle the equipment and the basic techniques of glass resurfacing, and the second week they work side by side with a foreman who supervises their performance. From there they either become full time employees or they move on to a different industry. Our technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and fully trained in the techniques of glass resurfacing. They are the best and we stand behind each and every one of them.

Our Equipment

There are basically two types of systems in the glass restoration industry, “open wheel” and “closed loop”. Each type excels in different applications, so we use both. The problem is that every system on the market produces excessive heat due to the high friction process, but none of them offer a solution. So we designed our own. Our “Thermoelectric Cooling System” is a patented liquid chiller that keeps our solution at a safe operating temperature and lets us restore glass up to 50% quicker than our competitors. Our materials and innovative equipment allows us to deliver a level of quality and customer satisfaction that you will not find with any other company in our entire industry.


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